About Us

The Queensland Distillers Association (QDA) was formed in 2021 to support the fast-growing craft distilling sector in the state, and to promote the exceptional quality of Queensland spirits which are attracting the attention of the world.

A purpose of the QDA is to ensure its members adhere to quality standards and compliance at their distilleries, meaning that buyers and distillery door visitors have the confidence to purchase the finest Queensland spirits.

Members of the QDA enthusiastically participate in activities to enhance craft distilling in Queensland, including distillery safety seminars, visitor servicing at their distillery doors, and technical standards training.

Meet our Distillery Partners

Gold Coast

  • Beenleigh Distillery: Immerse yourself in Australia’s oldest distillery and its legacy.
  • Six-Tricks Distilling Co.: A symphony of flavours awaits in their exceptional spirits.
  • Tamborine Mountain Distillery: Taste the essence of the rainforest in their unique creations.
  • Granddad Jacks (Miami): The heritage of three generations oozes from every bottle.
  • Cauldron Distillery: Unearth the magic of spirits brewed with passion and authenticity.
  • Wildflower Gin Distillery: Delight in the delicate botanicals that grace their exceptional gin.

Brisbane & Scenic Rim

  • Milton Rum Distillery: Raise a glass to the heritage and tradition captured in their rums.
  • Granddad Jacks (Albion): The heritage of three generations of family oozes from every bottle.
  • Pechey Distilling Co.: Craft meets country charm in their collection of fine spirits.

Granite Belt

  • Granite Belt Distillery – “The Castle”: Royalty in every sense, where spirits and history converge.

Sunshine Coast

  • Nil Desperandum: Discover Australia’s Finest Rum proudly distilled with love, art and science in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.
  • Sunshine & Sons: Pot-distilled in the Sunshine Coast hinterland rainforest with a carefully curated mix of local and traditional botanicals.
  • Steampunk Distillery: Started with a dream, grew into a passion for the perfect drop.


  • Bundaberg Rum: Queensland’s world-renowned rum brand with over 100 years of quality distilling in every bottle
  • Kalki Moon: Hand-crafted with love to reflect the abundance of local ingredients.

Central Queensland

  • Sarina Sugar Shed: Discover the flavours of sugarcane and history in every bottle.
  • Capricorn Distilling Co: A journey into the heart of Capricorn, distilled in every drop.
  • Reef Distillers: Taste the essence of the Great Barrier Reef in their distinctive offerings. 

Far North Queensland

  • Tan Lines Distilling: Explore spirits that mirror the vibrant coastal beauty of Queensland.
  • Devils Thumb Distillery: Explore the alchemy behind their meticulously crafted spirits.
  • Wolf Lane Distillery: More than a distillery, this is an experience not to miss.
  • Bingil Bay Distillery: The sunshine of the tropics is transported into each bottle.