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Our Tasting Room is located within the walls of our Castle located on the Granite Belt.

Tasting of all our Award Winning spirits is complimentary. Come and meet the Owner and Distiller, Cedric Millar and learn about the magic Cedric creates using unconventional distillation techniques.

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10:00am - 4:00pm
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Castle Glen Australia started its life in 1990 with the planting of the Castle Glen Vineyard. In 1994, Cedric designed and built "The Castle" - an iconic building sitting in the heart of the Granite Belt. Having conquered the art of making Table Wine, Fortified Wine and Sparkling Wine (Technique Traditionelle), Cedric started making fruit wines using fruit from local growers in the district.

Traditional English style Liqueurs and the 'World First' Crème Liqueurs followed to become a large part of the business through the late 1990's and early 2000's and now boasts a range of 300 plus truly unique products. Only the freshest naturally ripened fruit, the best quality nuts, chocolate, and spices are shipped into Castle Glen to make these taste sensations.

Castle Glen has continued to diversify, and in 2009 became the first Brewery and Distillery on the Granite Belt. The Castle Glen Distillery now named "Granite Belt Distillery" was established and produces Award Winning Whiskey, Rum, American Style Whiskey, Gin, Vodka and a number of other spirits, including Lemoncello, Mandarin Eau de Vie.

Our Products

Our spirits are unique as they are made with real ingredients and distilled using a traditional 2,500L column still specifically designed and built for Castle Glen.

Our Gin is made using Juniper Berries, Sloe Berries and other botanicals which are held in the still's gin basket.

Our spirits are all distilled a minimum of 3 times - White Rum is distilled 7 times to create a smooth tasting product.

American Oak, Bourbon and old fortified wine barrels are used to age our spirits.


Signature Cocktail

Splice - Cocktail in a bottle - available for purchase in a number of bottle sizes

Ingredients: Melon, Prickly Pear Spirit, Lime & Coconut