Devils Thumb Distillery

What To Expect

At present, the tasting room provides cocktails, beers, and wines, but the most popular offering is a 4 glass paddle of our gin range with garnish and tonic on the side.
An optional fifth glass of our cane spirit is available. The tasting room is in the same building as the distilling equipment, and you may see the distillers at work on weekdays. It is an open and airy space, with good breezes and fans and a lovely view down the Mowbray valley.

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Opening Hours

11am - 5pm
11am - 5pm
11am - 5pm
11am - 5pm
11am - 5pm
December 25, December 26, December 31 , January 1


Devils Thumb is the only distillery in Port Douglas, FNQ. It is relatively young, having been founded in March 2020. We produce a small range of 3 core gins and a number of special edition gins, and we also produce an agricole style white cane spirit. We are in the process of maturing cane spirit with a view to doing small batch rum releases in the future.

Our Products

Our Navy Strength Gin won Worlds Best Navy Gin at the World Gin Awards in London in 2022. Its key ingredient is chamomile, which we feel really helps to soften the high strength of the gin.
Our limited edition Wet Season Gin was produced in collaboration with the Oaks Kitchen and Garden here in Port Douglas, and is a unique explosion of South-East Asian flavours, all hand harvested from the Oaks garden.
Our Cane Spirit is made from sugar cane juice, not syrup or molasses, which gives it a fresh, grassy, agricole style flavour. We get the sugar cane juice from the Mossman mill, about 20 minutes away, and we have it fermenting as fast as possible after crushing.


At present, there are no advanced experiences available, but we will soon be offering a gin masterclass and a gin blending class.

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