Queensland Rum Day

DATE: October 28, 2023



On the last Saturday of October every year we raise our glass to the unmistakable taste of Queensland and the incredible Queensland Rum producers using Queensland sugar cane to create liquid gold. The annual celebration of the much loved spirit of Queensland all over Australia and the World.

Since 1906 “Queensland Rum” is defined by Australian law as a spirit of at least 37% ABV obtained by the distillation in Queensland and maturation in Queensland by storage in wood for at least 2 years of a fermented liquor derived from the products of sugar cane, being distillation carried out in such a manner that the spirit possesses the taste, aroma and other characteristics generally attributed to rum. Queensland Rum is most commonly made from molasses but can also be made from sugar cane juice, sugar cane syrup and sugar.

"Queensland spirits are equal to the very best in the World and Queensland distillers offers the opportunity for spirits to be to Queensland what wine is to South Australia, an export and job creation power house

Since July 1867 rum distilled from Queensland sugar cane is to many Australian’s the definitive taste of Queensland but as consumers preferences and education are evolving so is Queensland rum. Queensland rum producers are sparing no effort to produce and mature rums that challenge long held beliefs that imported rums are always better. The Queensland Rum Renaissance is well and truly a thing!" - David Ridden, President Queensland Distillers Association.